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Acorn Biz Solutions is an independent business-focused consultancy, run by Dr Ali Hadavizadeh, eager to improve the establishment and survival of early stage start-ups and SME’s and accelerate their growth, international competitiveness and sustainability through provision of meaningful, tailor-made business support initiatives.

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Principle Consultant

Dr Ali Hadavizadeh

Acorn Biz Solutions is run by me, Dr Ali Hadavizadeh.    I am a commercially astute individual and a keen advocate of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship with over 30 years work experience in scientific research, business management and lately managing business incubators supporting university research commercialisation and early stage High Tech High Growth and AgriTech start ups.  I have always have had a keen passion for science, technology and business.  I aspire to operate at the interface of technology and the commercial world where great inventions and scientific breakthroughs can be translated into meaningful products.  I see supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship through Acorn Biz Solutions as a tool to bring together strong teams and affect change.

Food supply chain productivity optimisation and commercialisation of AgriTech innovations are my specialities.

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Acorn Biz Solutions Services

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Services for Start-ups and SMEs

Start-ups: Are you investor ready? In an initial consultancy session with Acorn Biz Solutions, I shall guide you in how to de-risk your proposition for investor community by analysing the fundamental building blocks of your business and get a better understanding of the "now" investor readiness status of the venture with regards to:

  •  Product(s): Problem, Solution, Market fit

  •  Market(s)

  •  Route to market

  •  Competition landscape

  •  Financials

  •  Team

  •  Legal and intellectual property issues.

  • Working with you, together, we shall consider the "3, 5 or 10 year aspirational goals", followed by "how are you going to get there" and finally what are the "obstacles".  This methodology known as shield analysis has proved to be an incredibly powerful tool for senior managers of SMEs to engage with stakeholders and staff to collectively devise and agree on a medium to long-term plan of action.


Services for Universities

At Acorn Biz Solutions, I help university academics, students and staff through sharing my knowledge and expertise to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set an essential ingredient in taking the first step towards research commercialising to take new ideas to market for the benefit of global community.


I have several main ways of doing this:

  • Consultancy and entrepreneurial mind-set training and workshops

  • Business mentoring

  • Partnership development

  • Project management

  • Investor readiness workshops

Reviewing all funding options for various stages of development and growth from grants (Research Councils, Innovate UK, Horizon 2020 and charities) to equity investments (Crowd, Angel and VC).


Services for Business Incubators

At Acorn Biz Solutions I am blessed with experience of running business incubators successfully for several years.  I can guide and support you in creating the right kind of atmosphere that is fun, productive and conducive to nurture creativity from entrepreneurs.    I can help you to create an effective business support eco-system to attract and retain the best start-ups into your incubator.


Introductory Consultation

At Acorn Biz Solutions I examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. I then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice my clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.



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Recent Project

Entrepreneurship Mindset Development workshops for Doctoral Students and Early Career Researchers                         at University of Bath

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Commercialisation mindset development workshops for Doctoral students at University of Bath was a huge success. It was a pleasure and honour to co design, host and deliver these workshops with fab team from Spin Up Science Dr Ben Miles  and Dr Madeleine Nichols

Innovation and entrepreneurship are wheels that steer the world into a brighter future. Great ideas result in great undertakings which pave the way for glaring success.


“This was the most useful training day I've been on during my PhD and it has helped me develop some of my entrepreneurial ideas! The atmosphere generated was fantastic for good discussion and feeling relaxed enough to voice some of our more bonkers ideas!”

I look forward to the next two sessions,

PhD Student – Department of Biology and Biological Sciences.


“The two-day Ignition Business Builder programme put together by Ali, Spin Up Science and the Doctoral College was incredibly valuable and fun! It was an opportunity for us to not only hear from incredible speakers (start-ups/ researchers/ lecturers), but also learn about some of the real-life hurdles and opportunities that may occur in one’s entrepreneurial journey. It was very inspiring to see what and how others in the space are doing and how they are making a difference in the world. I would definitely recommend it to all PhDs students, even if you are not intending to start your own business. This simply could provide you an exposure to broaden your horizons. Very immersive experience, thanks for putting this together!”


Doctoral Researcher – School of Management


“A breeze of freshness in my PhD! It is very encouraging hearing of a real start-up’s success story while evidencing that the people behind it are just as ordinary as oneself.”


PhD Student – Department of Mechanical Engineering