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Entrepreneurship Mindset Development

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Commercialisation mindset development workshops for Doctoral students at University of Bath was a huge success. It was a pleasure and honour to co design, host and deliver these workshops with fab team from Spin Up Science Dr Ben Miles and Dr Madeleine Nichols. Innovation and entrepreneurship are wheels that steer the world into a brighter future. Great ideas result in great undertakings which pave the way for glaring success.

“This was the most useful training day I've been on during my PhD and it has helped me develop some of my entrepreneurial ideas! The atmosphere generated was fantastic for good discussion and feeling relaxed enough to voice some of our more bonkers ideas!”

I look forward to the next two sessions,

PhD Student – Department of Biology and Biological Sciences.

“The two-day Ignition Business Builder programme put together by Ali, Spin Up Science and the Doctoral College was incredibly valuable and fun! It was an opportunity for us to not only hear from incredible speakers (start-ups/ researchers/ lecturers), but also learn about some of the real-life hurdles and opportunities that may occur in one’s entrepreneurial journey. It was very inspiring to see what and how others in the space are doing and how they are making a difference in the world. I would definitely recommend it to all PhDs students, even if you are not intending to start your own business. This simply could provide you an exposure to broaden your horizons. Very immersive experience, thanks for putting this together!”

Doctoral Researcher – School of Management

“A breeze of freshness in my PhD! It is very encouraging hearing of a real start-up’s success story while evidencing that the people behind it are just as ordinary as oneself.”

PhD Student – Department of Mechanical Engineering

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